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GlacierFilm, LLC. is a small commercial independent audio & video production company in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. We engage in location audio production services for the feature film, TV show, commercials and B2B video production.

Great visuals demand good sound. 

This is what we do! We provide the very best on location sound recording of dialog and nature sound including 5.1 surround sound recording.

GlacierFilm is actively shooting creative stock photos and stock footage in 4K. We are making the creative images available for rights managed licensing online. With extensive experience in the field of on location sound recording we are continually advancing the art of audio recording. 


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Beneath the ever-frozen ground of Alaska, a gold miner is unearthing a treasure trove of perfectly-preserved Ice Age bones, including woolly mammoths and prehistoric bears. For the first time, a team of paleontologists are allowed into the mine site, and to hunt in his immense bone collection for the secrets that will unlock the history of the animals of the Pleistocene Epoch. 


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"Great video looks better with good audio"

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